Herenstraat 49
3000 Leuven


InnovAGE is a living lab platform in Leuven.

InnovAGE has the ambition to develop, test and implement innovations in healthcare thereby adding not only years but especially quality to life for seniors. InnovAGE focusses on frail elderly persons with issues that need a specific or complex healthcare solution. 

Focus on one of the projects of InnovAGE: Engineers at the RCC (Ingenieurs in het WZC) 

Despite today's technological possibilities and the increasing attention for healthcare technology, innovations in elderly care don't always have the desired success. One of the reasons is the lack of insight in the real needs, wishes and requirements of elderly people with (severe) care needs, their families and care givers. 

'Engineers at the RCC' (Dutch: Ingenieurs in het WZC) wants to tackle this problem very differently. By physically stationing engineers in the Edouard Remy OCMW-residential care center for two years, their innovative solutions will stem from practical present needs. The engineers will take residence 1-2 days per week.The care living lab platform InnovAGE will support the initiative.